B Savvy

Today, Bruhat’s AI, built over data rich profiles of over 1,500,000 candidates predicts the acceptance ratio of every candidate.

The most time consuming, exhaustive, and decisive part of any recruitment is the “Screening”. It involves long hours of calls, meetings, interviews, and discussions to screen various candidates, and finally arrive at the best candidate for the job description (JD).

What if we told you that Bruhat’s AI can reduce the process time, by reducing uncertainty of the profile match and candidate acceptance?

Bruhat’s prescriptive analysis generates reports grading candidates based on how closely they match the JD. Machine learning algorithms automate the resume screening to shortlist and grade candidates by learning patterns from our database of over 15,00,000 validated profiles. In short, when you work with us, you reap all the benefits of contingency recruitment coupled with value-added insights at no extra cost!

It’s after all,

“No win, no fee”
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