B Smart

Our clients have unfettered access to nearly 100% of the information that a recruiter gathers about the potential candidate during the profiling life-cycle, thereby, increasing the probability of offer acceptance.

If your recruiting team is struggling to recruit candidates, sourcing continues to remain a number one challenge. Bruhat’s Virtual Assistant gives you access to a certified and trained pool of talent including passive candidates and other unexplored talent across locations and industry verticals. It also streamlines the hiring process, shortlists / screens candidate profiles and also coordinates interviews enabling your HR team to select conveniently & hire boldly from a wide pool of candidates. The automated resume screening process, provides recommendations on applicants and enough cumulative insights to help the team arrive at a hiring decision. This cuts both the cost per hire and process time enabling you to adapt to newer, cost effective and faster recruitment processes.

It allows the recruiters on your team to focus on more meaningful things like getting the candidates on-boarded, with the saved time and energy, which is the most important element needed by any recruiter. AI, in the process, also eliminates any chance of human error due to unnecessary stress of screening process especially in volume-based hires; bringing in productive interactions with the candidates.