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Busting the term 'Ghosting'

In a world where candidates disappear in a phantom like fashion, candidate ghosting becomes a haunting experience for Talent acquisition (TA) Leaders. Prospective candidates or the 21 st century ghosts are giving sleepless nights to HR managers with their unpredictable nature. Ghosting behaviour has left many HR managers and Talent Acquisition Leaders baffled.

While talent shortage still remains a concern to most HR managers, the other major problem faced by recruiters today is, candidates not turning up even after accepting job offers. And reasons are varied, from - I got stuck in a traffic jam, to - I met with an accident, from - a relative (particularly grandma) passed away to - 13 the joining date is an unlucky number of me. The reasons that candidates state are bizarre. But all this ends up in one phenomenon - Ghosting!

Yes, the term, Ghosting, has an uncanny reference to the dating world. This nightmarish 'dating' trend is haunting hundreds of HR managers and TA leaders, across the globe. In fact, this trend can be dated way back to the Y2K days, when there were reports of candidates (Y2K experts) who would nonchalantly take calls from other recruiters while being in an interview, irking the recruiter.

One of the reasons why ghosting is permeating the world of recruitment today is the low rate of unemployment. Today, it is employee's market and the candidate is the new customer. Recruiters have to treat every prospective candidate as a customer who will be on board! One will be surprised to note that an average time a candidate stays up in the market is only 10 days, for they are gulped down by hungry competitors.

Recruiting is a fast-paced business. And, choosing the right candidate is one of the pain points of all recruiters today. And, often we tend to get carried away by their online presence. Recruiting managers are breaking their heads on to identifying and hiring candidates that will suit the job function in hand. During the course they are saddled with unsurmountable issues such as fast changing technological advancements, shortage of talent, outdated hiring strategies, so on and so forth. And, many a time, the quality of recommendations suffers due to lack of time for background check on candidates, which is again a time consuming process.

So what will make hiring managers get close to candidates? Combine people and technology.

AI solutions such as what Bruhat offers, will enable HR managers to build a talent pool, capitalize on a centralized system, track performance using real-time reports, build scalability for accommodating future needs with flexible features, and more important, decrease recruiter workload and time.

Bruhat, which essentially means BIG, marries the science of data with human insights that will make it easier for hiring corporates to effectively manage their people requirements. Team Bruhat has devised a robust data capturing mechanism that helps to leverage both structured and unstructured data that emerge during candidate interactions. By employing data-driven profiling methods, the team is able to ensure a very high candidate selection rate and high interview-to-joining conversions. Today, this data analytics process has scaled up to use AI and machine learning. All, only to enable you to HIRE BOLD!!



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Saleel Panse,

Senior HR industry leader joins the snack company Mondelez as Talent Acquisition Leader, India.

Himan Tewari,

takes over as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Tata Power Ltd after Jayant Kumar steps down citing personal reasons.

Arif Aziz,

Senior HR veteran starts his new innings with beverage alcohol company, Diageo India, as Chief Human Resource Officer.

Kabir Julka

takes charge as the Chief Human Resources Officer at American Express India.

Somraj Roy

will lead KEC International Ltd. as the Head of HR.

Lisa Chang

is appointed the Chief People Officer, The Coca-Cola Company.

Soumitra Acharya

is appointed as the HR Lead at Kotak Mahindra Bank for its investment banking division.

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