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From War for talent, today companies are waging a war on talent. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Human Resource space, recruiters have begun to recognize the need for quicker adoption of technology to stay ahead in sourcing the right talent for their companies. A case in point here is a multinational IT Consultancy firm that grappled with finding the right talent. The company redesigned their recruiting strategy from the traditional Boolean method of searching combining keywords, to a more specific search lead by applicant tracking systems (ATS).

The firm's recruiting managers found that majority of the talent today is not looking for jobs. Instead, most of them are sitting cushioned pretty in their current positions. So the challenge for this IT firm was to hire employees from other companies without being branded as a "poaching firm".

The firm's preparedness towards better hiring began from the stage of hiring process that would obliterate duplicate entries to bring out the best. The company needed a solution to extract candidate information from resumes into fields created for skills, education, experience, qualifications, contact details and much more. A resume parser (an AI HR solution) helped the company parse resumes of any document format - pdf, rtf, doc, docx or even html and made it easy to parse resumes in large scales. This enabled recruiters with quick access to candidate information, thereby making the right recommendations to hiring managers. This further resulted in consistent and a scalable mechanism for making relevant talent recommendations, smoothing out the application process for candidates as well as the recruiters.

Further, the AI tool pulled qualified candidate profiles that were buried in the firm's existing applicant tracking system data to match with potential openings, communicate with the qualified candidates and also follow up with those top candidates by a retargeting mechanism.

With a reduced short listing time, candidates were quickly prioritized based on their skill sets, experience, social media presence, and various other aspects the tool was devised to identify. For both the HR managers at the IT firm and job seekers this was a big relief as within minutes of being eligible, he or she got to hear from the recruiting manager instead of the never ending wait in the earlier non-AI days.


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