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Today, human activity is directed by computer programs. As we step into the momentous 2020, and as Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a transformational role in the fourth industrial revolution, there are four key emerging trends that the industry is gearing up for.

Cloud Computing: The last decade has rather been mind boggling and ubiquitous in the use of cloud by different industries. Advantages of cloud computing are abounding - less use of energy, quantum proficiency, serverless computing, speed, so forth. With high speed, and abundance space, the coming generations of employees will be expected to bring in a novice beginning to build a strong cloud world.

Big Data: The big data analytics is a process that is transforming the way business adopt the technology to analyze their existing data for data for process efficiencies, accuracy and sentiment building in their organizations. Enterprises across the globe are positively embracing the Big Data Analytics to see a considerable shift in their decision-making processes and brand building. Going forward, AI-driven analytics perhaps will be the ONLY way to ensure that business solutions are value-driven.

IoT: The marriage of AI and Internet of Things (IoT) is inevitable in 2020. In organizations where IoT devices are already implemented in their operations we can expect to have thousands of devices collecting data for analysis. This essentially means we will acknowledge analytical solutions for IoT devices for more transparency and relevant data. Business leaders will synergize assistive technology to run more intelligent analytics. This essentially means more and more companies will want to try out the matured benefits of IoT and will want for data science professionals. Moving forward, IoT expertise will be one of the key skills that would be sought out for in 2020.

Digital Engineering: Harnessing modern digital capabilities to improve an organization's efficiency value, the data engineering solutions will enable continuous chain of innovation and competitive positioning that evolves alongside customer needs and new technical opportunities. Multiple reports have pointed towards the engineering and development as an outsourcing trend in India. In fact, one of the reports claim that $125 billion will be spent on engineering services in 2020 across the globe and India is expected to contribute about 40% of this trend.

These emerging trends coupled with the regulatory support through initiatives such as Make in India, Digital India and BharatNet will further complement the potential of Engineering services.

I personally look forward to all the above skills. Organizations line up the dominos, businesses bring in the reality check from the world. While, technology builds the complex clock and also has it ticking.

I am all excited to enter into the next decade, where innovation and competitive positioning will evolve alongside customer needs and new technical opportunities.

Wishing you all a Happy 2020!




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Anandorup Ghose,

leaves Aon India to join Deloitte as Partner.

Anupriya Acharya,

has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer, South Asia, Publicis Groupe.

Jairam Sridharan,

Group Executive and Chief Financial Officer and Key Managerial Personnel of Axis Bank, has stepped down from his post.

Anuranjita Kumar,

MD & Head of HR - International Hubs, at The Royal Bank Of Scotland has quit from her position at the UK bank.

Subhash Chandra,

the Chairman and the Founder of Zee Entertainment Enterprises has stepped down from his role.

Manik Gupta

Chief Product Officer of Uber, is leaving the company.

Sridhar Govardhan,

Ex-Wipro executive, joins Flipkart as Senior Director & Head of Information Security.

Smriti Singh,

Chief Human Resource Officer of Flipkart has stepped down from her role.

Gautam Anand,

Ex-Bharti Airtel CHRO, joins Positive Moves as a Partner.

Samir Patel,

GoAir's network planning head calls it quits.

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