Vol 01 | Issue 06 | Feb 2020

Fb In Tw Tw Tw

Today, the fad is for people talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science (DS) or Block Chain!

For HR folks who are talking about this, there is a feeling of being left out. We all suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in this VUCA world, we all want to know everything that is happening around us, want to somehow be a part of that. However, the need of the hour is to spend time dealing with the impact of AI and ML in making life simpler and smarter. While adoption rates for AI led tools through Screening Processes for recruitment or FAQ section for general queries or helping with first level queries of employees is great, what seems to be missing is Empathy, Human Touch, Natural Intelligence to respond.

As HR Leaders, we ought to understand the true Impact of implementing any of these in our day to day work. Let me give you an example:

Company A has a chat bot to respond to first level of employee queries, let's look at the conversation:

Example 1

Employee: Hi

Chat bot: Hello, How can I help you Mr Trivedi

Employee: I am very frustrated with the transport team, I missed my again today and want to raise a compliant

Chat Bot: We are delighted to help you with this, For Transport Desk - Press 1, for Floor Supervisor - Press 2

How can anyone be delighted to serve someone frustrated? Does this not need a tweak in response? Does this not need some thinking and empathy?

AI today has been a boon to a lot of functions not just HR that have the following:

  • Standard response rates
  • 0 or 1, binary responses
  • Repetitive Tasks

We should identify areas where we can leverage AI led tools and go for implementation and integration, however AI needs to still develop the following:

  • Empathy
  • Human Touch
  • Alternating response for same query not standard response depending on the state of mind of the person who raised the query

All of this is work in progress and continuously evolving, while we increase adoption to new age technology (Which we should), we need to think hard if we are being naturally stupid in the world where artificial intelligence when we make our choices. Let's not forget, the Human in the Human Resources stands to gain the highest ground in the world where machines are learning.

Think about this, Choose what is right for the people.

Vinay Trivedi is Head HR - ToneTag.



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