Vol 02 | Issue 01 | April 2020

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Job evaluation and pricing are complicated problems and getting them right are critical for good pay decisions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can access and analyze massive employee data and make intelligent recommendations based on statistical probabilities that can potentially transform the compensation and benefits practices. The AI-powered applications help HR Professionals to adjust pay to local conditions to solve the basing pay.

When it comes to performance appraisals and reviews, traditional models where an employee is a strong performer in the current job was a way to promotion, still hold good, however the hypothetical future performance is also included. Future reward programs use predictive analytics to understand who is drawn to which type of rewards. Resulting insights from such analysis may drive changes and improvements to incentives and appraisals. The somewhat imprecise, expensive and manual process can be made highly precise, inexpensive and automated.

Bruhat Insights Global conducted an exclusive survey last year among 250 organizations across various industries to dwell deeper on different stages of the adoption levels of AI spreading the length and breadth of India including Bihar, Odissha. The research aimed to analyze the role of AI in applications for Human Resources department, looking into the inferences and the priorities in the organizations. These are not challenges but issues that organizations are facing regarding the available and unavailable data to feed the AI applications. The study also attempted to explore the various practices and ownership of AI from HR Professionals' and the Employers' perspectives.

In our previous issues of HireBold we discussed three out of four pillars of HR. In this issue, we look at the last and the most important pillar of an HR function - Compensation & Benefits. 60% of the organizations that participated in our survey, across industries have implemented Compensation and Benefits applications for analytics. A very few of them found lack of sufficient data for decision making in Compensation and Benefits.

The performance appraisal which was considered as the most biased HR function and was replaced by AI powered applications to remove the biases. Though many mangers in the space of HR feared that their job may become redundant, the top brass implemented the applications for the benefit of the organization

Organizations that collect and analyze employee's data run the risk of violating employee privacy. Though analytical and predictive capabilities are game changers, combining data with human experience is inevitable.



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