Vol 02 | Issue 03 | August 2020

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Be the Change Within!

The world is witnessing the rightful meaning of the phrase, "Change is the only constant". The social fabric of our workplaces has shifted rapidly to contain the contagion. When the home becomes the new workplace, creating an environment of belongingness within the closed group of employees giving them the sense of being valued and that they mattered is imperative in the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) narrative of any organization.

It is proven by indefinite research and articles that "belongingness" is not only good for people, but also the business. When an employee feels valued/mattered, efficiency levels are high leading to increased productivity and eventually adding up to the organization's bottomline.

If one has to look at the world inside out from an external view of the world where we live in constant fears or threats to looking deep inside within ourselves to the coursing our work towards success. Yes, the universe is throwing constant surprises at us almost each day displacing us leading to a lack of predictability.

With a lot of VUCA happening around, lives of people have never been so tangled and chaotic, creating a huge impact on their work cycle. Today, conversations have shifted towards assisting the change and those who are resisting the change will soon find themselves adapting to the change.

Conversations around D&I have become more relevant today in times of crisis when diversity of thoughts catalyses each and every business problem to arrive at practical and implementable solutions.

It is certain that there is nothing like a post pandemic scenario. The world's population will soon discover the ways to manage the Covid-19 while performing effectively and efficiently in their both professional and personal lives with a deeper understanding of inclusion.

A crisis is always a headscratcher, be it early or late. The point is how effectively you curb it with minimal or no loss of revenue and create an ecology of work.

Leaders will have to constantly engage with employees to enable them to accelerate and sustain in the Post Pandemic world.

The Covid has presented us with scenarios that can only be anticipated. But clearly it has given us a new acronym that is to Create Opportunities so that we Validate our Introspection and Development for a sustainable tomorrow!




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Puneet Jain,

Senior Vice President of Paytm resigns from the e-commerce firm.

Karen Parkin,

Adidas AG's Global Human Resources Chief resigns from her post.

Jim Hackett,

has decided to call it a day and retire from his role as CEO and President from Ford Motor.

Jim Farley,

Ford's Chief Operating Officer, takes over as CEO and President for Ford Motor effective from October 1, 2020.

Rahul Bajaj,

Chairman of Bajaj Finance has decided to step down from his position.

Roshni Nadar Malhotra,

the daughter of Shiv Nadar who founded HCL takes over as Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Amanda Blanc,

the current Independent Non-Executive Director at Aviva plc is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Aviva plc with immediate effect.

Swaminathan Subramanian,

has been appointed as the group CHRO for Power transmission firm Sterlite Power.

Pavan Shetty,

Steps down from the role of its Director from Porsche India.

Maurice Tulloch,

the previous Chief Executive, steps down from his role to retire from his position on the Aviva plc Board.

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