Avg Entry-Level Career Span For Indians Only 2.8 Years : Experts

COO and joint director, Bruhat Insights Global, Umasanker Kandaswamy, said, “Lower tenures of professionals in India is a typical characteristic of a growing economy. This is due to the prevalence of opportunities available for a certain segment of the workforce, especially in knowledge economy industries. A case to point in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector which has a plethora of opportunities and therefore is attracting professionals from various domains.”

“However, it is likely that the phenomenon of longer tenures experienced by employees in China, could also be due to the dominance of the manufacturing sector. In India too, the manufacturing sector sees people pursuing longer careers. At Bruhat, we find that the average career span of an individual in the old age economy is around 6.5 years, while in the modern economy is only 2.8 years at the entry level,” he added.


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Avg Entry-Level Career Span For Indians Only 2.8 Years: Experts